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The Ignite Your Light Coalition, EIN # 47-2437852, is a tax exempt, non-profit educational organization devoted to the transformation of human consciousness. We work to heal the human spirit by bringing holistic awareness to the root causes of humanity’s suffering. If you know someone who has suffered from purposelessness, depression, suicidal tendencies, or addictive behavior, you know that society often labels these conditions as mental illness. However, consider this. What if all mental illness is hidden trauma is disguise? What if the deepest impediment to alleviating human suffering is the lack of a comprehensive, loving, and holistic understanding of its causes? The Ignite Your Light Coalition’s members and its collaborators uniquely identify as Wounded Healers. Through academic and lived experience, we recognize that new paradigms of transforming consciousness are needed.  Thus, we endeavor to embody and teach the “medicine” we have received, offering it to others through our workshops, programs, public speaking events and publications. Our work has been described as an "evolutionary movement". Our Founder’s recently published book is now being used as a "case study" in healing trauma in the US and in the UK. As we bring light into darkness, we heal ourselves and the world -- one heart at a time! Love is always the answer. When we heal our wounds, our potential is limitless! We hope you will JOIN US.

The Ignite Your Light Coalition

P.O. Box 16683

Fernandina Beach, Florida 32035

The Ignite Your Light Coalition began this "adventure in higher consciousness" in January 2014 and has been teaching techniques of transformation and growth to individuals and groups since. Our focus is on awakening ourselves and others to the mystery of life. As we overcome trauma and heal our core wounding, we find doorways into living in greater alignment with our Truth. This enables us to transcend our conditioning, discover our purpose and ignite the light -- the heart fire — within each of us.



I was honored and delighted to spend time in the Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach area of North Florida as a guest of the wonderful Ignite Your Light Coalition. The support for my poetry and sound therapy was accented with the grace of a pure love I could feel from all who attended. The Coalition, their members, and their supporters, are a remarkable group of individuals who come together in union — a blissful adventure to bring each of us and our Mother Earth to a more beautiful realization of our own divine nature.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Michael Murphy Burke

I recently joined a small group of souls dealing with personal death and loss. One main takeaway seems to be opening to pain, hurt, disease and yes, even death. I have been learning that our propensity to protect ourselves from life can too easily close us off from our true loving selves. The very process of opening-up unexpectedly helping us become more whole. Being comfortable, even at peace, with the difficult seems now to be of utmost importance.

— Ron Lerman

Thank you, Ann Johnston, for bringing your best and most loving self to the healing of our world!

— Cathy J.

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