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AWAKENING TO LOVE and A SACRED LIFE, our Founder's spiritual memoir, is now available for individual purchase, for gifting another, and/or for donation in our "PAY IT FORWARD" Program! Honorary Director, Suzanne Harrill, purchased numerous copies for family, friends and clients, inspiring us to encourage other professional counselors, trauma healers and educators to do the same. 55 copies of this book will be donated to local 12 Step Recovery Programs, Mental Health Support Groups, Unity Churches and others! If you do not want a copy for yourself but have a specific someone in mind for us to send it to on your behalf, your $24.99 donation will ensure a free copy is delivered to someone who might benefit from it! 


Place your individual purchase order -- or Donate this Book to another -- by clicking the "Buy" Button below.  If this book is for yourself, put your name and address in the order form below. If the book is for someone other than yourself, please provide their name and address in the form instead. If you wish to donate a book anonymously to our PAY IT FORWARD PROGRAM", simply write "Donation" on the order form. The price of this book is $19.99, plus $5.00 shipping and handling (USA only). If this is an overseas order, please email to obtain a shipping price based on your address before ordering. A receipt for your donation will be emailed to you for US income tax purposes. Books will be shipped by Media mail via the US Postal Service.  THANK YOU!



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For more information, or to contact The Ignite Your Light Coalition, contact Ani Christi by email at Our mailing address is P. O. Box 16683, Fernandina, FL 32035.

A Message from the Ignite Your Light Coalition --

The Publisher

"Deep inside every one of us is a light that shines brightly! When we believe in ourselves, follow

our hearts, and speak our Truth, we ignite that light. We hope this book helps you ignite yours!"

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